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Landscaping  |  Irrigation  |  Gemstone Lighting
Irrigation Systems


An effective irrigation system is often a crucial feature in your landscape.  A poor watering schedule can lead to poor plant growth or unhealthy plant material.

Benefits of an Irrigation System include:

  1. Watering your lawn and planted areas is easy and simple, versus dragging hoses around and manually monitoring the process.
  2. The automated system has a programmable timer that can manage specific watering restrictions or requirements.
  3. Watering your landscape in the overnight hours will result in more water absorbed by the grass, plants, shrubs and trees rather than being evaporated into the air.
  4. Significant savings are made through the conservation of water as your lawn, plants, shrubs and trees get the correct amount of water needed with less waste.

If you’re considering having a professionally installed irrigation system, give Above or Below Landscaping & Irrigation Ltd. a call. With our irrigation pipe puller we can install new systems into existing lawns with minimal disruption to the turf.

We also provide the following to existing systems:

  • Upgrades and Add-ons
  • Parts and Repairs
  • Maintenance which includes: